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About Biltong


If you’ve ever heard anyone talking about South African beef jerky, they were actually talking about biltong. Biltong is air-dried meat that has been spiced and cured.

Loaded with protein, it’s a healthy snack to enjoy while watching TV, hiking, mountain biking, watching sport, or whenever you like!

We take great care to make some of the finest biltong in the UK. This starts with choosing cuts of high-quality British Silverside beef, which we marinade and dry on site. Our flavours have been perfected over the years and range from the sweet to the spicy – perfect for any palette. We’re also proud to offer gluten-free options in many of our flavours.

We like to keep things fresh and current, so we’re constantly inventing new and exciting flavours. To stay in the loop as far as new flavours go, follow our Facebook page!

We serve fresh biltong in-store but we also sell online, using gas-flush packaging to preserve the freshness and flavour of the biltong that we ship.

When we talk about biltong, we’re talking about the wide cuts of meat that are hung up and air-dried. We cure cuts differently, meaning you have a choice as far as consistency, fat content, and slice thickness are concerned.

Bites, on the other hand, use the same meat but are made from thinner cuts. This means that they absorb more of the marinade’s flavour and dry quicker. This makes bites slightly drier but more flavourful than biltong.

Bites are available as bite size or whole sticks.

Biltong comes in many different forms so before buying it check out the options that are available below.


  • Thin - Slicing the biltong as wafer thin as possible.
  • Medium - We aim for approximately 2mm thickness.
  • Chunky - We aim for approximately 5mm thickness.


  • Dry - Most of the moisture has left the meat akin to a well done steak.
  • Medium - The best choice for beginners as biltong dries over time.
  • Wet - The biltong is still red in the middle, making it easier to chew.

Fat Content

  • Little - As lean as possible.
  • Medium - Picture perfect with a thin strip of fat down the back or a sizable piece of fat down the side.
  • A lot - This can be up to 80% fat (depending on availability).

Keep it away from moisture
While you might want moisture in your cakes, it’s the enemy of biltong. And, unfortunately, the British weather isn’t short of moisture. Because of that, the best way to store your biltong is in an open bowl. This allows air to get to the biltong and lets the moisture escape.
Be sure to turn the biltong regularly, which will allow any trapped moisture to escape. Also, avoid storing your biltong in airtight containers or in the fridge.

To keep it safe, keep it secret
So, yeah, about that big, open bowl we just mentioned. That’s all well and good, but it does leave your biltong exposed to its biggest natural predator… your ‘friends’. Whether they’re the 2-legged kind or the fluffy, 4-legged kind, they simply can’t resist the taste of biltong. So, keep it out of sight on a high shelf or in a cupboard.

Choose a whole stick
Get a whole piece of biltong to curb your cravings? We know, it sounds crazy. But, the pre-cut biltong is just easier to munch. If you choose a whole stick of biltong, and cut slices as you go, your biltong might just survive more than one sitting.
A word to the wise: cutting biltong yourself requires a sharp knife and a heavy hand. So, take care.