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What is it?

Our biltong/bites are spiced, cured and air-dried beef. It is a high protein versatile food product that can be used as a snack or for almost anything else. We use the gas-flush method to preserve the freshness of our our online orders and starter packs, this means the Biltong is sealed in a vacuum bag and will last up to three months whilst retaining its flavour and consistency. We use only British Silverside beef which we cut, marinade and dry on site in Berkshire. 

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What is the difference between Bites & Biltong?

Biltong is wide cuts of meat that are hung up and air dried, this is the type that allows you to make the decisions of: consistency, fat content & slice thickness. (See How to order: Biltong)

Bites use the same meat as biltong, however they are cut thinner therefore take on more of the marinade, but dry quicker. Bites generally are drier and contain more intense flavour than Biltong. 

How do I keep my biltong?

Once you have opened your gas-flushed Biltong bag keep it in a cool dry place, and we recommended a dry air tight container. It is better not to keep it in the fridge but rather as you would keep rice. Once out of the bag the biltong will continue to dry over time.